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About Us

Who We Are

Remix Mortgage's Digital Integrated Business Services combines human touch and high technology to deliver extraordinary customer experiences. While technology creates new and agile ways of working, our interaction experts remain committed to creating unique connections through empathy, adaptive communication skills, and more importantly, a passion for making it happen.

We offers you a global network of talents, competencies, and assets. We can improve your customer experiences by making each interaction simpler, faster, better, safer, more cost-effective.


Our Vision

Our unique focus on people is part of Remix Mortgageā€™s DNA. This cornerstone of our strategy is the reason why we take social responsibility so seriously. Our employees are key to our success, and the Group is committed to being an employer of choice in our market, with dedicated programs spanning employee engagement, well-being, diversity and inclusion, human rights, training and development, as well as health and safety.

We believe in a simple solution to achieve our goals: happy employees make happy customers, which, in turn makes happy clients and happy shareholders.


Our approach

We work as if we are you. Our approach is to incorporate your work methodologies into our systems & thus create a model which is specifically about enhancing business revenues & eliminating procedural complications.

Quality commitment

For us quality is meeting the committed levels of services. Thus, the quality levels which we propose to extend during the contract stages are consistently maintained.


We have been in the call center industry since 13 years & over this time, as a domestic BPO, we have created a reputation for us & at any stage, we do not intend to let that get affected. Thus, we commit to deliver the best.