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To experience accelerated growth, an automotive company is required to keep up with the changing economic landscape, emerging technologies, growth in new markets, and evolving expectations of the customers. The companies involved in this sector should focus on further improving their core capabilities rather than spreading their limited and essential resources across all the different functions of the organizations.

As a result-oriented BPO service provider, we offer Call center services for Warranty support, Cross selling and up-selling, Customer retention & loyalty management, Maintenance and repair reminders, Roadside assistance programs, etc. Our back-office operations include processing forms of various kinds – automobile insurance, automobile purchase, car rentals, etc, as well as Product information management, Maintenance & repair information management. As part of logistics BPO Support services, we cater to all forms of logistics from road freight to ocean shipping.

Why you choose us

Today, Remix Mortgage serves more than 40 clients in over 80 programs in the automotive sector. Remix Mortgage strong knowledge of the automotive sector has resulted in services provided in several countries through domestic, nearshore, and offshore operations. Our services and solutions include the following:

  • Driver Services and Assistance
  • Financial Services
  • Back-office
  • Marketing
  • IT Services
  • Automation Solutions
  • Digital Sales Expertise
  • Big Data Analysis Strategy and Tools
  • 360-degree Social Media Strategies

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