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The rapid rise of social and mobile technologies has changed the way buyers interact with sellers in today’s market. The change is now happening from the outside in, and it’s a newly empowered, connected customer who is driving the retail agenda. The modern consumer is accustomed to moving seamlessly through their retail experience, across whichever channels are most convenient—and this is where we work for clients to create a uniformly delightful experience for their customers.

In wake of this, e-tailers need to step up their game by offering easy website navigation services, protecting personal and financial data of customers, ensuring smooth fulfillment of orders, organizing efficient logistics while managing their digital marketing efforts and effectively cross selling and upselling to prospective customers.

Our Solutions

Product information Management - Bulk product upload, Product Data Entry / Processing/Classification/Migration/ Extraction services, Catalog Management, etc

Customer Service - A multi-channel contact center that supports voice calls, live chat, email management and SMS/texts for cross-selling and up-selling activities, providing timely responses to customer queries, etc

IT Support – for design, development, testing, and quality assurance processes for web and mobile applications as well as other support tasks like Managed IT Help Desk and Server & Network Monitoring

Our portfolio supports customers through their preferred channels with tools and analytics enablement to ensure personalized service delivery to each customer.

Remix Mortgage is your bridge that brings an exciting, exceptional, and elevated shopping experience to your customers. Let's talk.

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