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Outbound Call Center

Remix Mortgage also offers a wide-range of outbound call center services. While the world is abundantly relying for high-quality, time- and cost-efficient outbound services and new companies are mushrooming every day, Remix Mortgage is a trendsetter in the BPO industry. We have the right combination of experience, cutting-edge technology, robust infrastructure and skilled manpower to efficiently manage many different types of large and small outbound call center services.

We offer high-quality services to help our clients achieve their business goals and reach their target audience in the most effective manner. Our ability to work closely with our clients understand their business objectives, time-flexibility, direct quality control, and ability to provide customized solutions has made us a choice-able solution among several options in the BPO industry.

What We Provide

Upselling and Cross-Selling - With increasing competition, it is now very important for businesses to look for effective ways to expand their market and reach their target audience. We facilitate the growth of our clients through our professional upselling and cross-selling services to provide them a competitive edge and help them excel in their industry.

Appointment Setting - Over the years, appointment setting has turned out to be one of the most beneficial outsourcing options for businesses. Be it office reservations, appointments, or managing schedules for different types of transportation services, seats, dinners, meetings, seminars, or other special events, Remix Mortgage will take care of everything for you.

Market Research - Market research now plays a very important role for modern businesses as it provides vital information about the market trends, competitors, buying pattern of the customers, and areas where businesses can grow further. With the help of this information, businesses can take critical decisions.

Lead Generation - This is the process of generating a list of prospective customers who are interested in buying the products or services of a company. Remix Mortgage has vast experience of lead generation and can significantly boost your sales with our services. Our extensive network allows us to carry out in-depth market research and surveys which allow us to generate leads with excellent conversion rates.

Why You Choose Us

Our outbound call center outsourcing services are available 24 X 7. We help in optimizing the call process and reaching maximum customer, improving efficiency, reducing operational cost and increasing the business profitability.

Enhanced communication system for multi-channel communication. Our B2B and B2C outbound call center outsourcing services are an efficient way to win customers, develop good customer relationships and improving sales and generating profits.

Remix Mortgage has a trained staff that offers reliable services to its clientele. Our team is adept at handling a large volume call efficiently. Dedicated agents teams are regularly trained to unlock opportunities and up sell and provide customer support and work as per KPIs and set targets.

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