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Telecom and Media

Welcome to the telecom, and media industry—where the competition is high, and where innovation is a must. Remix Mortgage understands our clients’ need for creative and innovative solutions, as well as techniques to entice, connect, and build better relationships with their customers.

Our offerings are supported by technology and outsourcing capabilities. We partner with clients to improve profitability through a combination of cost and revenue solutions underpinned by delivery excellence.

The Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry has seen a gale of disruption with emergence of new technologies, and convergence of telecom, television and the Internet. The consumer is king, more than ever before, with the freedom to consume content anytime, anywhere and on any choice of device, especially the handheld. This wave of change has forced the M&E industry across publishing, music, networks, traditional & new media, gaming, to reassess their business model.

Why Choose Us

Customer acquisition: telemarketing, online/direct marketing, promotions, upselling, cross-selling, new account set-up

Customer maintenance: outbound reference request, information center, order-taking, account maintenance services, service helpdesk and technical support, mail management, query management

Fulfillment services: billing, returns handling, complaint management, issue resolution, cancellations

Service enablers: collections, finance and accounting, refunds, logistics

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